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Webutuck Central School District
194 Haight Road
Amenia, N.Y. 12501
Phone 845-373-4100
Grades: PK-12 in three schools
Total students: 786
The Webutuck Central School District provides a quality education for students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grades for the towns of Amenia, Northeast, Ancram, Washington, Dover, Stanford, and the village of Millerton.
The district includes three schools:
The Webutuck Elementary School. Grades: PK-3 Students: 267
The Eugene Brooks Intermediate School. Grades: 4-8. Students: 277
The Webutuck High School Grades: 9-12 Students: 223
Student to teacher ratio averages about: 14:1

Area Private Schools

Kildonan School.
425 Morse Hill Road
Amenia, New York 12501
Tel 845-373-8111
Grades 2 to 12 Students: 91
In 1969, The Kildonan School was founded to meet the needs of students with dyslexia by strengthening language skills, by providing stimulating subject matter courses, and by building confidence and self-esteem. We have evolved over the decades to offer all our students state of the art technology and applications, an innovative, college-preparatory curriculum, a diverse visual arts and design program, and a dyslexic-friendly foreign language program. Our small school environment offers both individual attention and the opportunity for student leadership and student-driven exploration within a structured, yet flexible, program of study which progresses throughout the grade levels. Our curriculum follows our school mission to reveal and illuminate the strengths of the dyslexic individual.

Maplebrook School
5142 Route 22
Amenia, NY 12501
Phone: 845.373.9511
Grades 6 to 12 Students: 100
Maplebrook School was founded in 1945 by three bold women empowered by a vision 3-foundersof an inclusive boarding school community dedicated to educating students not well-served by the mainstream educational system. The language used to describe the population of students Sunny Barlow, Serena Merck, and Marjorie Finger had in mind has changed over the years. Today, we describe those students as young men and women who learn differently.
We recognize each student as an individual whose learning profile of unique strengths and challenges is so much more than their numerical scores, and seek to serve each learner in the specific ways he or she needs to thrive.

Little Professors
Maplebrook School

5142 Route 22
Amenia, NY 12501
phone: 845-373-9511 Admissions 845-373-8191
email: admissions@maplebrookschool.org
Little Professors Daycare is a center for children ages 3-5, as well as a work placement site for several postsecondary students enrolled in the Institute for Collegiate & Career Studies at Maplebrook.
Little Professors focuses on six areas for children enrolled in the daycare program:
Practical Life Children learn to care for themselves and their surroundings
Sensorial Activities Promotes development of coordination and motor skills
Language Arts Children develop reading and writing readiness
Math Teaches basic addition and subtraction
Science Acquaints children with the Earth and its many wonders
Play Key part of program, fostering growth in confidence, imagination, and social skills

Maplebrook Affiliate:
Institute for Collegiate and Career Studies
The Institute serves students with complex learning disabilities such as expressive and receptive language disorders and/or ADHD. The program is co-educational and accepts young adults ages 18-21. The Institute is affiliated with Maplebrook School, which is a 21st century school. Through individualized planning, faculty use a variety of technological methods to emphasize multisensory teaching, whereby the student will be assisted in reaching his/her academic potential.
Our college programs offer a wide variety of college options for students who strive for a higher education experience. A careful plan of action is preapred to ensure that a student is successful.

Maplebrook Facility
The Etkin Environmental Center
The Center is a modern facility designed to educate our students on sustainability, the importance of caring for the environment, and develop as globally responsible citizens. Throughout the spring and summer, our students learn how to grow various herbs, flowers and vegetables from germination to harvest, and then see the Culinary team transform their bounty into delicious meals for a true garden to table experience. We have also started to complete walking trails behind the Center, where our students will research the flora and fauna surrounding them.

Millbrook School
131 Millbrook School Road
Millbrook, NY 12545
Phone: 845-677-8261
The Millbrook School was founded by Edward Pulling, a man who the students appropriately nicknamed "The Boss," as only a bold and fearless man would attempt to begin an independent school in the midst of our country's toughest economic era. In 1931
The campus is arranged around the main quadrangle reminiscent of a traditional New England village. The Flagler Memorial Chapel at its head and red brick and white clapboard buildings completing the square. There are also eight dormitories, the Schoolhouse, the Dining Hall, the Mills Athletic Center, the Holbrook Arts Center, the Frederic C. Hamilton Math and Science Center.

Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School
l282 Millbrook School Road
Millbrook, NY 12545
(845) 677-3704
Arriving at Millbrook School in 1936, Frank Trevor became the school's first biology teacher. Along with a number of ethusiastic students, Trevor started Millbrook's zoo that year.
Today the Trevor Zoo is an integral part of the school and has grown so that it accommodates more than 180 exotic and indigenous animals, including eight endangered species, within facilities that extend over six acres and include a veterinary clinic.
Approximately 70 students choose to work on a daily basis at the Trevor Zoo, caring for an animal or group of animals.
The Zoo is open to the public

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Webutuck School
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Webutuck School
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Webutuck School
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Trevor Zoo
Webutuck School
Trevor Zoo

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